Westberry Launched the First Ultra-Low-Power LDO Product
Release time: 07/16/2018 15:36:39   Click: 1639

In July 2018, Changzhou Westbury Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. launched the first ultra-low-power  LDO  product -  WBP7350 series, in Shanghai, China.

An LDO, or Low Dropout Regulator, is a low dropout linear regulator that uses transistors or field-effect transistors (FET) to operate in its saturation region, subtracting excess voltage from the applied input voltage, to produce a regulated output voltage.

Founded in 2018, Westberry is a company, focusing on the development of intelligent chips and intelligent product solutions, and has core competitiveness in intelligent control chips, NVM, analog products and other aspects. The core product is a 32-bit MCU chip, which has an international leading level in high-performance computing, high-precision analog functions, low-power management and other aspects.

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