About us

Westberry Technology is a global Fabless company focus on MCU & NVM device development .To offer innovated product for a more sustainable world , Westberry start up in San Jose on 2012 and open branch in Mainland China on 2017. Our product line cover low cost and high Performance  re-configurable micro control unit , low power high readability NVM and analog device . We offer customer innovate and patented flexible solution for different applications , including gaming peripheral ,wearable device, motor control, smart sensor and green energy.
More than 10 global partners design Westberry’s chip solution in their final product. Our mission is constantly offering value-based technology to make our customer continue success with enviorment friendly product.
To expand business in asia. Westberry Technology start independence China R&D and sales subsidinary to support  rapid growth demand in great china market. We have office/RD center in both Silicon Valley, Shanghai ,Taipei & ChangZhou to provide global service for our end customer.
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