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Use high-performance arm ®  Cortex ®- M3 is a 32-bit microcontroller with core and the highest operating frequency can reach 128mhz,
Built in high-speed memory, rich I / O ports and a variety of peripherals.
- 256KB Flash,36KB RAM
- Support serial single line debugging (SWD)
- 1 12 bit ADC
- 3 16 Bit Universal timers and 1 16 bit advanced timer
- 1 USB interface, 1 I2S interface, 2 I2C interfaces, 4 SPI interfaces and 3 UART interfaces
- Working voltage: 2.0V - 3.6V
- Working temperature range (ambient temperature): - 40 ℃ - 85 ℃ industrial type
- A variety of power-saving working modes support the needs of low-power applications
- Compatible with stm32f10x pin
- Provide qfn32, qfn36, lqfp32, lqfp48 and lqfp64 packages

Suitable for a variety of applications:
- Node control
- Motor control
- Smart home appliances
- Toys
- Lighting circuit
- Emergency fire fighting equipment


ChineseV04 PDF 1.0MB 2022.10.13

WB32F101xx DataSheet

English|V04| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13


ChineseV04| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F102xx DataSheet

English|V04| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13


ChineseV04| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F103xx DataSheet

English|V04| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13


ChineseV04| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F104xx DataSheet

English|V04| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13


Chinese|V04| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F105xx DataSheet

English|V04| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

Reference Manal



Chinese|V02| PDF |5.0MB |2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx Reference Manual

Description:WB32F10xxx family reference manal for WB32F101xx, WB32F102xx, WB32F103xx, WB32F104xx and WB32F105xx.

EnglishV02| PDF |13MB |2022.10.13

Development tool

WB32F10xxx Programming Algorithm

DescriptionWB32F10xxx Programming Algorithm.

English V1.0| FLM |20K 2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx Standard Peripherals Library

DescriptionWB32F10xxx Standard Peripherals Library.

EnglishV0.1.10| ZIP |7.19MB |2023.1.5

Application Note

WB32F10xxx 开发入门

ChineseV1.2 PDF 1.0MB 2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx Getting Started Development

English|V1.2| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx 12位ADC应用笔记

Chinese|V1.1| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx 12Bit ADC Application Note

English|V1.1| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx PCB布线建议

Chinese|V1.4| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx PCB Layout Suggestions

English|V1.4| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx 程序下载教程

ChineseV1.3| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx Program Download Guide

English|V1.3| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx 搭建GCC编译环境

Chinese|V1.2| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

WB32F10xxx Set Up A GCC Development Environment

English|V1.2| PDF |1.0MB2022.10.13

Suitable for a variety of applications:
-Node control
-Motor control
-Smart home appliances
-Lighting circuit
-Emergency fire fighting equipment
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