Wanbang New Energy’s Investment for WESTBERRY MCU Chips
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In August 2022, Changzhou Westberry Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. (Westberry) received strategic investment from Wanbang New Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd. (Wanbang New Energy), and (Westberry) is honored to become an enterprise in the Wanbang new energy ecological chain and make its own contribution to the independence and controllability of China’s new energy MCU chips.

Star Charge, a subsidiary of Wanbang New Energy Investment Group Co., Ltd., is a leading brand of charging piles in China. As the leading unicorn in the field of digital energy in Asia, Star Charge focuses on the research, development and manufacturing of new energy charging equipment and intelligent platform operation and maintenance services for new energy vehicles, mastering core research and development capabilities, such as intelligent control, Internet of Things (IOT), and high-power customization, and provides equipment, platform, user and data operation services for global customers.

Founded in 2018, Westberry (the brand WESTBERRY®) is a company focusing on the development of intelligent chips and intelligent product solutions, and has core competitiveness in intelligent control chips, NVM, analog products and other aspects. The core product is a 32-bit MCU chip, which has an international leading level in high-performance computing, high-precision analog functions, low-power management and other aspects.

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