WB-Link pro is a product with online debugging and offline programming (download) functions launched by Westberry. It is used to support the development and mass production of our 32-bit MCU WB32F series.

WB-Link pro has the following features:

Supports online debugging and offline programming. hex files are saved in WB-Link pro and directly program the target MCU
Supports SWD serial protocol
USB-powered, plug-and-play, driver-free installation, WB-Link pro can also power the target chip
Firmware upgradeable. Firmware programs supporting more series of chips will be provided in the future

Offline burn mode:
-   Manual burning: One-click download button is provided
-   Machine burning: Support the burning machine timing

Compact appearance, easy to carry, suitable for on-site upgrade equipment
Programs are stored in FLASH encrypted to protect data security
Supporting PC software, with a wealth of functional options: such as Limit Programing Times Settings, Read Protection Settings, Verify Mode, etc

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WB-link PRO User manual

Description:User manual for WB-link PRO.

EnglishV01| pdf |1.0MB |2022.10.13

WB-link PRO configuration software

Description:WB-link PROconfiguration software.

English|V1.0.7|ZIP |2KB |2022.10.13

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