WB32F104 Minimum system board

The WB32F104RCT6(LQFP64) is selected as the core MCU on the board, and the minimum system of WB32F104 is integrated on the board.

It has relatively abundant peripheral equipment to provide technical information and technical support for learners.

All the pins of the WB32F104RCT6 are routed through two rows of pins, in addition to the following onboard resources:

- SWD debug interface

- UART1 serial port

- USB2.0 communication interface

- One RESET button is used to generate a reset pulse to reset the MCU

- Two general buttons and two leds are connected to the GPIO and can be controlled by software programming

- The 8MHz crystal is used for high-speed external clock (HSE), which can be doubled to 96MHz through PLL

- The 32.768kHz crystal is used for the low-speed external clock(LSE) to provide a low-power and accurate clock source for real-time clock(RTC) or other timing functions

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