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Embedded Software Engineer

Place : Changzhou

Job responsibilities:
1. SCM software development, project overall scheme design, device selection, schematic design, debugging, testing, etc;
2. MCU chip verification, test and application development;
3. Compile corresponding development documents;
4. Sort out product requirements, participate in discussion and improve product design objectives;

Job requirements:
1. Clear thinking, love technology, sense of responsibility, strong learning ability, strong team consciousness;
2. Ability to analyze and solve complex problems independently; Work actively and actively;
3. Proficient in C language, good data structure organization ability;
4. Have certain embedded system development experience: for example, use keil and other related tools and debug code, use oscilloscope, be able to read schematic diagrams, and be familiar with common communication interfaces (SPI, can, RS485, I2C, Ethernet, etc.); And other related tools, debug code, use oscilloscope, and be able to read schematic diagram
5. Familiar with 32-bit arm microcontrollers (such as STM32, LPC, etc.), proficient in MCU registers.
6. Have μ C / OS-II, FreeRTOS and other real-time operating system development experience is preferred;
7. Experience in application development under Windows / Linux is preferred;
8. Have good documentation habits and code style.

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